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Texas Clown Association 2015

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This year the TCA Convention will have world class instructors and great shows. but a big change this year is we are bringing joy to kids fighting cancer:american_cancer_society

  • Kids will be the focus. This year the big show will host children fighting cancer together with their families. The convention is not just for clowns, it is for the kids.
  • Every penny raised here will go to providing joy to the kids.
  • The All-Star Show is expanded to make it a once-in-a-lifetime event in a real circus tent.
  • The Rosy Nose Clown Alley in Tyler, Texas is a new clown alley and we volunteered to host this year’s convention.
  • Each teacher could be a headliner at any other convention. We are bringing the best teachers to this convention
  • Because this is an ambitious and expensive convention, we need your help. It will be the best you have ever seen having an impact far beyond the members of the Texas Clown Association.

We know that you, our colleges and friends, are caring and generous. We need your help to fund this event and trust we can accomplish great things together.

Click to Help Kids Fighting Cancer


What We Need & What You Get

Here are the details:

  • The convention will cost over $20,000 total. Less than half of that is covered by registration fees.
  • The added expense this year is from two area.
    • We are bringing in teachers and performers who are the best in their fields. We did not just ask, “Who can we get?” Instead, we asked who would be the BEST in each area.
    • With this much talent, we decided to share the talent with kids fighting cancer. We will have an All-Star show in a circus tent. We will make a once-in-a-lifetime memory for families who deserve to smile and forget their struggles for a little while.
  • PerksWe have some fun and interesting perks for contributors. There will be special things to see and do at the convention. There are fun perks even if you cannot attend the TCA Convention or show. We want to make sure that you know how thankful we are for your loving support!
  • Every penny of this campaign will go directly to providing the entertainment for the kids. The clown training and the rest of the convention will be funded through other means. Everything we raise here will go directly to bringing joy to kids with cancer.

The Impact

The impact of your giving will be felt in the community, in the Texas Clown Association, and most importantly by the kids:

  • If you are a TCA member, you will be helping to make this the most memorable convention ever.
  • If you are a member of the Tyler community, you will be impacting kids right here in our community.
  • The Texas Clown Association has a rich history of giving and caring. This organization makes a difference in Texas.
  • The Rosy Nose Clown Alley is a 501c3 Non-profit organization. An accounting firm is overseeing all of our fundraising activities. All of the money raised here goes to help the kids. Not a penny will go to overhead.
Click to Help Kids Fighting Cancer



Risks & Challenges

helpBeing less than three years old, the Rosy Nose Clown Alley took a couple of big risks.

  • First we took the risk of hosting the TCA convention.
  • Second we took the risk of expanding the scope of the convention to help children.

All the money raised in this campaign will go directly to providing for the kids. The convention itself will be funded by registration fees and other fund-raising by members of the Rosy Nose Clown Alley.

But we had to commit early to set the things in motion to provide entertainment for the children.

  • We are working with Trinity Mother Frances Hospital, Lil’ Wranglers (a part of the Cattle Barons Gala organization), and the American Cancer Society to identify kids and families who will benefit the most from this event.
  • We had to contact the families and organizations early to set things in motion.
  • Deposits and rental fees that are coming due for facilities and equipment are being paid out of pocket by alley members.
  • We are trusting YOU, our community, to make this happen.

Other Ways You Can Help

No matter what your level of giving is we need additional help:

  • Get the word out and make some noise about this campaign. Facebook stories, blog posts, newsletter articles, mentions at meetings, can all help us.

Together we will impact kids and bring joy…why not?

Click to find out more.

Hurry, Hurry, Step Right Up!

barkerLike the Midway Circus Barkers of old……You need to pay attention and get ready to RUN AWAY TO THE CIRCUS. There are only a few days left to register at the reduced rate of $165.00. On September 1st, 2015, the price goes up to $195.00. (Which, by the way, is still a GREAT PRICE for all that you’re going to get with registration).

TCA_Register_NowAt this convention, there are 7 instructors, which for any other convention, would be the Headliner. For TCA2015, you get all 7 for one low price. You will get to attend 2 banquets with top notch performers, and then on Saturday, you get to be in the best seats in the house for an All Star Circus Spectacular featuring these 7 and more. What would a circus be without the clowns……and the jugglers……and the stilt walkers…….and the plate spinners……..and the magic……Well surely you get the point by now, THIS IS GOING TO BE STUPENDOUS!!!

If you have an Amazing talent that you think should be showcased in our All Star Circus Spectacular, please contact me, KornPop either by email, or you can text or call me at 903 571 3089. I won’t make any promises, but we will take all acts into consideration. I even understand there might be some animals involved and what would a circus be without someone getting a pie in the face?

It’s also time to place your ads in the convention Joey Journal. A business card size ad is only $20.00 with a half page ad for $40.00 and a full size for $80.00. Inside Back Page for $100.00 and Outside Back Page is only $150.00. All ads must be prepaid and camera ready by Friday September 18, 2015 to go in this issue. If you know someone who is competing, maybe for Clown of the Year, or Face Painting Competition or Group Skits, a $20.00 business card Good Luck Greeting, might be all they need to put them over the top.

Speaking of competing, this should be the year you decide to go for it. There are so many competitions, and you never know how you’ll do if you don’t take that first step. The judges have your best interests at heart when they critique you, so you will learn more about this wonderful art of clowning.

tylerThe hotel we are in this year, The Holiday Inn South Broadway, has just undergone a complete remodel, and it is absolutely beautiful. They have a new restaurant that will be serving full breakfasts and special boxed lunches at an additional cost for those times when you need to eat in a hurry. Within walking distance, there are full service restaurants like Applebee’s, Outback Steakhouse, Olive Garden, and Ryan’s Steakhouse. Also there is a Sonic, McDonald’s, Chic Fil A, and Spring Creek BBQ right across the street.

Tyler has so much to offer, and so on Saturday afternoon, you can go see the Rose Gardens and Rose Museum, or Brookshire’s Wildlife Museum. The East Texas State Fair is in town at the same time as our convention, so if you get a hankering for a Funnel Cake or a fried pie, you can do that too.

If you need a roommate, to split the hotel costs with you, we will try to find someone that’s compatible for you. Remember, we are here to help make this the best convention experience you have ever had. If we can help you in any way, don’t hesitate to ask.

The Rosy Nose Clown Alley of Tyler,TX.




Face Painting Teacher Announced

Face Painting Teacher

The Texas Clown Association Convention for 2015 in Tyler, Texas has announced that a Julia Mauldin (JuJu) will be teaching face painting. JuJu is an accomplished face painter and has taught many people to face paint. She has taught people who have never picked-up a brush to seasoned professionals who earn their living face painting.

Julia "Juju" Mauldin is a wonderful face painter,

Julia “Juju” Mauldin

Julia has built a thriving face painting business in a relatively short time. With her vision of creating a professional level of face painting, Julia researched what products were being used by artists all over the nation. She self-trained and over the years has turned the art of face painting into her full-time profession.

Julia aka “JuJu” has an extensive business background both in the legal field and in corporate administration. Being a single mother for many years, she began face painting to help supplement her income.

JuJu began to work with professional cosmetic products and practiced improving her skills to a higher standard and as a result, she was able to begin her business professionally in 2009. JuJubilee’s grew into an instant sensation all through referrals and word of mouth. Due to the incredible response to the artwork and professionalism offered by JuJubilee’s, JuJu has hand-selected and trained a team of local artists who assist at events and private bookings.10488169_10203942933679472_4760703044923811011_n_zpskwczq4sf

JuJu has trained dozens of face painters to work professionally. Because she knows what works in the real world and what looks amazing, she is able to bring a level of training that you will not find in most face painting classes.

JuJu is new to the clowning community and brings a fresh perspective that combines best practices with creative insights learned from working hundreds of gigs each year.

JuJu is new to TCA this year but you will be seeing her more and more.

Better Balloon Artist

How Can I Be a Better Balloon Artist?

balloontwistHave you ever thought anything like the following?

Buster Balloon is one of the best balloon artist around. There will be so many talented clowns at the TCA Convention and in my local alley. I will never be as good as them. How can I become a better balloon artist?

First, MAKE IT FUN for the people you tie for. A simple sword or wiener dog with a lot o smiles and laughs is a lot more entertaining than the awe they feel when they see a great creation. The thing is, the other great twisters do both. They create beautiful, amazing sculptures and still have their clients laughing until tears come to their eyes. But, if you have to do one or the other fun and laughs will trump technique every time.

pump-greenSecond, it is a “performing art” so perform. Practice doing the things you see on DVDs and YouTube or PDFs at home but don’t wait until you feel you are “good enough” to twist in the wild. If you have two creations you can do, work those in to your performance. Then learn one more and do those three next week and then add another etc.

The clowns in your alley, the great twisters you will see at the TCA Convention, even buster balloon began with dogs and swords. Dedicate yourself to getting better, but don’t wait until you are perfect until you start twisting for the public.

Third, get DVDs. YouTube is great, free forums are super but when you buy a few top notch DVDs your twisting will take quantum leaps. I don’t have a DVD to sell, I don’t personally know any of the guys selling them but I can definitely say that when I purchased quality DVDs is when my twisting (and tips) really took off.

Fourth, as you add a new sculpture to your repertoire when you are at a birthday party, line work, or a restaurant do the new one a lot. Twisting in front of people will quickly teach you how to do it quickly, without having to think about it too much. Again, just add one a week. Don’t worry about adding 20. If you can do two or three and add one a week in a short time you will have dozens you can do.

Balloon_BagFifth, BALLOON JAM, BALLOON JAM, BALLOON JAM. If there are other twisters in your area get with them and twist together. That is one of the fastest ways to learn and as a bonus you will make good friends. If there are not any balloon jams in your area you can organize one. Call a few twisters and meet at a public place to twist.

Often a local restaurant will have a room you can use. Order food and tip the waitresses so the management will welcome you back. Then twist like crazy. See what others are doing and show them what you have. Restaurants are good because everyone can meet and you don’t have to worry about booking a room or a home to host. Call the management before, tell them what you are doing and ask if it is okay. You’ll have a built in audience because the other patrons will see what you are doing and will want to get some of the creations to take home.

Even if you can’t get a balloon jam in a restaurant get with other twisters. It is a great, fun way to learn and enjoy fellowship.

71yt7vOjA4L._SY355_Sixth, you asked if it takes weeks or months. From what you have written you could go out now and spread smiles and joy. It takes a little investment of time to learn the basics but after that you are set to go.

BUT, here is the thing, even though you can twist after a short time you should try to learn and improve for your whole twisting career. Each of those people in your local alley, twisters at the TCA Convention, Buster Balloon, and even Ralph Dewey are constantly trying to learn and improve. So, start now twisting what you can. Be satisfied that you are bringing joy but never stop learning.

Next step…I’ve been preaching a lot here. What I’d do next if I were you would be buy a bag of 100 balloons that you are going to dedicate to practice. Twist all of them and pop them before you twist one for the public. After 100 balloons you’ll have a very basic feel for what you are doing (again you’ll spend a lifetime improving but this is a great way to start). What other art form can you do that with an investment of less than $10?

Good luck to you and I’m looking forward to seeing what you create.

See you in 2015 at the TCA Convention in Tyler, Texas.


Buster Balloon


What would the Texas Clown Association Convention be without balloon classes, balloon jams, and balloon art? Well, it just would not be a TCA Convention.

When the Rosy Nose Clown Alley started looking for someone to teach our balloon classes we asked one question. Who is the best known, most in demand, and talented balloon guys in the world? Several names came to mind. The clown community is blessed with many talented men and women.

We listed the top balloon people and one name came up over and over and was on everyone’s list: Buster Balloon.

“Oh, we could never get him.”

“He’s too busy to teach at our convention.”

“I bet he only does the HUGE conventions.”

But then we thought, if we want the TCA 2015 convention to be the very best ever we will need to have the best teachers and performers. Let’s ask Buster Balloon. All he can do is say no.

But, Buster Balloon said, YES!!!

So for the first time ever, the Texas Clown Association Convention will have Buster Balloon as a Special Guest Teacher.

Buster Balloon


Buster Balloon is always imitated but never duplicated, He is one of the world’s premier balloon twisters. His original designs are used by professional balloon artists all over the world, and have been featured in art galleries and exhibits in Los Angeles, New York, and Hong Kong. They even inspired a line of toys!

BusterBalloonInvertedBuster Balloon is a full time balloon entertainer from Southern California. He has released numerous instructional DVD’s on the art of twisting. As a result of their overwhelming popularity he has been a featured instructor at TJam, Twist & Shout, Diamond Jam, JBAN, and The Qualatex Event. He has also been featured in Balloon Magic Magazine, as well as Magic Magazine, Images and Funny Paper, and was the recipient of the 2004 Ralph Dewey Balloon Excellence Award. Despite all of his success and many accolades, he still considers his greatest achievement to be the time that he ate an entire box of Cap’ N Crunch cereal in one sitting.

He is a highly polished performer with excellent taste, style and understanding of both the audience in front of him and the medium he uses to entertain.


TCA 2015 Headliner

Jeffrey Potts Is Our Headliner

When the Rosy Nose Clown Alley was looking for a headliner for the Texas Clown Association Convention in 2015 there were several criteria that we had:

  • Great clown performer
  • Strong history of teaching clowns
  • A fresh talent. (Someone the TCA has not had at numerous conventions)
  • But the most important thing we wanted was someone who was high energy and FUN!!!

Bungles the Clown Met the Criteria

BunglesJeff Potts became interested in clowning as a teenager after watching his grandmother entertain young children at a church carnival. His curiosity launched him into a world not taken serious by many people. After extensive self-study, and eventually professional training, “Bungles the Clown” emerged.

So excited about his new endeavor, he sought to pass his knowledge on to others. Two decades later, his love for the art continues to grow. He has instructed many individuals privately as well as taught publicly to both adults and children.

One of Jeff’s goals is to help children and adults alike understand and appreciate what clowning is all about. Jeff has been successful in helping others realize their dream of performing.

Bungles SmallBungles the Clown has performed in various arenas, from children’s birthday parties to the circus, Grand openings to grand parades, Summer reading programs to school assemblies, Wherever a clown is needed.

Jeff understands the importance of preserving the ancient and honorable art of clowning and is committed to bringing smiles and laughter to all by providing the opportunity to escape the routine of life…if even for just a few moments.

New Website


This is the place to come to find out all about the Texas Clown Association Convention for 2015. Here you will find all the information you need to make this the best convention you have ever attended.

What to Do First

You cannot be a part of the fun unless you register. So, stop. Click the “Registration” tab above.


Explore the website. Read about the wonderful line-up of teachers we have. Get excited about the extra shows we are packing in. Imagine the fun. Think how your skills and joy of performing will improve.

What Next

The next step is to spread the word. We need every member to talk about the TCA 2015 Convention at every alley meeting.

Start now to invite First of May clowns. Arrange carpools. Get roommates.

Also, this is the best way to get your friends involved in clowning.

TCA 2015 Convention

The TCA 2015 Convention is not just about one week in the Fall. It can be just the thing your alley needs to put things into high gear. Imagine how exciting your alley will be if everyone attends this convention and takes the joy, skills, friendships, and love of clowning back to your town.

We will see you in Tyler!