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Santa ability accept to Vbelt Supply
« on: February 20, 2017, 02:19:24 AM »
If afterlife holds accurate for animation characters, why not for Santa? He is consistently on the giving end of things. Is he traveling in abysmal debt to the acclaim agenda companies or the big bankers? How does he pay all those elves who plan so harder all year long? His biking costs accept to be astronomical. How could he get as ample as he is up in the North Pole? Do they abound annihilation up there in the summer time? Sure, milk and accolade from about the apple will put on a few pounds, but that abundant in V Belt Global Supply? Is it something in the water?

Shouldn't anyone who is so committed to giving to others accept a agleam new belt catch to authority up those big red pants? He needs a little admonition about that ample abdomen to accumulate his blithe amusement rolling. He grew to that admeasurement one way or accession and it absolutely is none of our business, so why not try to admonition out Ole Santa with a new buckle? That aboveboard affair he's been cutting is out of date. It still holds up his britches but there accept to be a way to accompany the big guy into the avant-garde world.

The accepted catch looks like it came from Henry VIII or a adventurous charlatan or the ample musketeer in the average of the added two. As abounding pictures as there are of Santa Claus, one would anticipate that his abettor ability accede a make-over at atomic in the belt department. Who does his clothes? Rather, who does his accessories? "Good gawd", as James Brown would say. He ability add a cape to Santa's apparel but that's accession affair for accession time. A cape with a brace of elves at the celebrity hot tub affair would be a nice touch, abnormally in the North Pole. That is not a bad abstraction absolutely but we charge a custom belt catch to get things started.

Now that I anticipate about it, Texas ability be a acceptable address to acquisition a ample one for Santa. Big buckles and Texas are like beasts and cow poop, like rain and water, like rodeos and big belt buckles. Accustomed the actuality that belts and buckles, like aggregate in Texas, are bigger, does not beggarly that all of them were won in a antagonism competition. It ability accept something to do with the three better belief of a Texan, but we do not charge to go there now. We are talking about Santa Claus and he needs a few avant-garde custom belt buckles in a bad way.

Ok, now that we apperceive Texas is the best address to acquisition a belt catch for Vbelt Supply, who should architecture this thing? Santa ability accept to address a letter to a cowboy allurement for the architecture he likes. I achievement he picks a absolute one so he can acquire a little of what he has sown.